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Residents Corner

Emergency Services

If you are currently experiencing a maintenance emergency you must call your leasing office phone number, please reference the leasing directory below. Work orders entered by you online will not be seen by our maintenance team outside of regular business hours. All emergency work orders must be called into your leasing office by selecting option 3.

Maintenance Emergencies:

  • Flooding or leaking where property damage is possible
  • Broken windows/locks (we do not provide a lock out service) tenants must call a locksmith at their own expense
  • Plumbing or sewage back-up tenants must try to plunge first – Do not use Draino
  • No heat (when below 55 degrees outside)
  • No air conditioning (only if it is a documented medical emergency)
  • No heat (when below 55 degrees outside)
  • Refrigerator out (Friday-Sunday)
  • Electrical sparks or outage (if all electric is out, tenant must contact Duke first)
  • Severe gas odor

Leasing Office Directory

Find your street name or property name listed and your leasing office contact information will be listed below:

  • Beecher Street
  • Clifton Avenue (2065-2085 only)
  • Lowell Avenue
  • Marshall Avenue
  • Ohio Avenue
  • Riddle Road (The Overlook)
  • Whitfield Avenue (3233 & 3249 only)

(513) 559-1338

  • Bishop Street
  • Edroy Court
  • Glendora Avenue
  • Howell Avenue
  • Jefferson Avenue
  • Ludlow Avenue (321-420 only)
  • Lafayette Avenue (500 only)
  • Middleton Avenue (3405 & 3409 only)
  • Ormond Avenue
  • W. Nixon Street
  • Probasco Street
  • Terrace Avenue
  • Vine Street
  • West University
  • Whitfield Avenue (3240,3250,3404,3408 only)

(513) 712-3000

  • Apple Street
  • Clifton Avenue (3009-3523 only)
  • Cook Street
  • Crawford Avenue
  • Juergens Avenue
  • Lafayette (880 only)
  • Ludlow Avenue (451-974)
  • Middleton Avenue (3654 only- Clifton Manor)
  • McAlpin
  • Senator Place
  • Springlawn Avenue
  • Telford Street
  • Thompson Heights (Spyglass Apartments)
  • Winton Road

(513) 853-3000

Frequent Topics If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact your leasing office.

  • I Need to Set Up Utilities

    No problem! Please see the following contact information regarding utilities in our area:

    Electric and Gas: Duke Energy 1.800.544.6900.

    Water/Sewer: Cincinnati Water Works: 513.591.7700

    Cable/Phone: Cincinnati Bell: 513.565.2210

  • Where Do I Pay My Rent?

    Pay Online!

    You will need your rental account number, listed on your lease agreement, and a valid email address. You can set up one-time or recurring payments at no additional cost to you when you transfer funds directly from your bank account. Start and stop one-time or recurring payments at your convenience! Register and pay online here

    Check, Money Order or Certified Funds

    Check, Money Order or Certified Funds can be submitted to your leasing office 24 hours a day! Each one of our leasing offices has a rent drop box for your convenience. You may also submit payment during our regular business hours. Only certified funds will be accepted after the 5th of each month.

    Credit or Debit Card

    You can also make payments online using a credit or debit card. Please know there is an additional 2.75% fee for each transaction.

  • I Would Like to Move

    We’re sorry to hear you are leaving but thank you for your time with Gaslight Property. Each resident is required to complete a Notice-to-Vacate form at least 60 days prior to vacating the premises. Verbal notification to move will not be accepted. Please be advised once a notice-to-vacate has been provided Gaslight Property will tour your apartment to prospective renters; don’t worry, we will notify you at least 24 hours in advance.

    All leaseholders must sign the Notice-to-Vacate form. Please submit your completed and signed Notice-to-Vacate form to the leasing office listed on your lease agreement or email it to All lease terms and conditions apply. The Notice-to-Vacate form can be found here:

    Notice to Vacate

  • I Want a Parking Space

    Please contact your leasing office for availability. Additional fees may apply.

  • I Want to Add/Remove a Roommate

    All residents wishing to add or remove a leaseholder must complete a roommate release form provided by your leasing office. Please contact your leasing office for further information. Additional terms and conditions apply.

  • I’m Moving… Now What?

    Are you sure you don’t want to change your mind? We are certainly sad to see you go. As a reminder, all keys and passes must be submitted to your leasing office on the day you relinquish possession. Please refer to your lease agreement for further details. Additional moving tips can be found here:

  • I Have a Maintenance Request

    No problem! For all maintenance request please contact your leasing office and follow the prompts.

  • I Want to Renew My Lease

    Awesome, we’re happy you’ve chosen to stay with us another year! Please know rates and terms are subject to change upon expiration of your lease term. Please contact the leasing office listed on your lease agreement and they will get you set up for another wonderful year at Gaslight Property.

  • I Want to Transfer to Another Gaslight Property

    Looking to up-grade or downsize? We’re happy you’ve chosen to remain with Gaslight Property. We would love to find you another home! Please review the Transfer policy and form here:

  • I Would Like to Add a Pet

    No problem, we love pets! Each resident is permitted up to two pets per apartment. There are no breed or size restrictions for cats or dogs, however all pets require a pet privilege agreement. Each pet is subject to a $250 non-refundable pet fee in addition to $25 per month pet rent. Please contact your leasing office for further details. Other restrictions may apply.

  • I Would Like to Make A Payment

    Follow the link to make a payment on our online portal. You will need you account number to sign up for the first time. Your account number can be found at the top of your lease agreement. There are many other features on your online account so check them out!

    Online Portal